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Longcase clocks - True works of art by Erwin Sattler

No other timepiece embodies the tradition of watchmaking better than the longcase clocks. It also has the character of a genuine piece of furniture and has always been synonymous with dignity and comfort. The deliberate ticking every second conveys a sense of calm and security and encourages us to pause in the hectic pace of everyday life characterized by a lack of time. Due to their size, optimum integration into the living environment is of particular importance.

The Erwin Sattler collection offers graceful works of art that become the focal point in a wide variety of furnishing styles. The styles of the living room and the clock do not necessarily have to match. The only decisive factor is the harmony that the individual components of the ensemble create as a whole.

Design and materials of longcase clocks

Depending on the year of manufacture and clock manufacturer, longcase clocks can vary greatly in terms of design and materials. While classic models are often made of fine wood and metals and have richly decorated dials, modern longcase clocks occasionally use simpler materials for an innovative and sometimes even futuristic look.

There are modern longcase clocks that combine traditional design elements with contemporary styles and technologies. These clocks can incorporate unusual materials, minimalist designs and modern features such as digital displays or smart technologies, often retaining the classic pendulum and other traditional features to preserve the characteristic charm of a longcase clocks. The luxury longcase clocks from Erwin Sattler are made from the highest quality materials in the clock manufactory and combine the best quality with timelessly elegant design.

Frequently asked questions

A longcase clock, also known as a pendulum clock or grandfather clock, is a freestanding, often large-format clock that typically uses a pendulum and weights as the driving mechanism. These clocks, which are valued both for their precise timekeeping and their often artistic design, can often be found in homes or public buildings as decorative and functional elements.

Longcase clock are usually made of high-quality wood, while the movement and other internal components are usually made of metals such as brass or steel.

The price of a longcase clock varies depending on the manufacturer, material, design and complexity of the movement. The very high-quality longcase clocks from Erwin Sattler cost from 16,400 euros for the Excelsia model up to 146,600 euros for the Troja Sonata M model.


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