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In this section, we address frequently asked questions that arise before buying a new Erwin Sattler clock or in everyday life with one. We try to cover them in easy-to-understand videos and welcome any suggestions or questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail.

How can I turn off the striking mechanism of my clock?


The striking mechanism of our pendulum clocks can be turned off. Depending on the model, this is done by attaching a stop weight or adjusting a lever.

Video Turn off the striking mechanism

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Winding a precision pendulum clock


An arrow is engraved on the crank body of your winding crank. To wind in the right direction, move the winding crank in exactly the same direction as the arrow. The pulley with the suspended winding weight should not disappear behind the dial when fully wound, but should still be completely visible.

Video Winding a precision pendulum clock

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Setting the summer time.


To set your clock from winter time to summer time, the minute hand must be turned one turn clockwise. If your clock has a striking mechanism, let the clock strike every half and full hour.

Video Setting the summer time

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Setting the hour strike


If your clock strikes a different hour than the one shown. you can reset them correctly as follows.

Turn the minute hand clockwise to the next full hour strike exactly up to the 60-minute position, count the number of strikes the clock strikes, and now set the hour hand to the hour position the clock has struck. You can turn the hour hand clockwise or counterclockwise. That’s all, the clock should now strike the right hour for you  again..

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